Once the bolts for the brackets are loosened and you can get slack in the belts they slip off really easy. The alternator will allow to be moved forth and back. Loosen the two bolts that the alternator mounts a couple turns so the alternator is easier to tighten. You have to loosen the Lower Mount Bracket Bolt and the Alternator Adjusting Bolt. Leave the main bolt on the pulley a little loose until you get the belt how you want it. How to Tighten a Drive Belt | YourMechanic Advice Apply gentle pressure upwards so that it adds tension to the drive belt. To tighten the belt, do i loosen or tighten the bolt located on the outside of the alternator facing you when looking at the enine bay. Loosen the pivoting one and then loosen the sliding one. How Tight Should a Serpentine Belt Be and How To Do It? [4] 5+ Year Member. 6 Symptoms Of A Loose Alternator Belt (& Replacement Cost) You should have no more than 1/4 inch, or 6 mm deflection. adjusting alternator belt tension. | MR2 Owners Club Forum Loosen both locking bolts then loosen the adjuster to get enough slack to remove the belt.Replace belt, tighten adjuster and lock down both bolts. Also I had an alternator to fail just after the engine was worked on by the dealer-the mechanic told me a new guy got the belt too tight and the alternator squalled and they had to replace it -was under warranty. 3) You need to eat your Weeties (or use a bigger lever) to get more pressure on the belt before tightening the top bolt. If you don't know where it is, you'll need to look up from under your car to get an idea of where it is. Besides the adjustment screw (see the link above), there's a securing bolt and then a long through-bolt and nut on which the alternator can pivot. Squeaky Belt...Tighten Alternator Belt | The Nissan Club With the serpentine or alternator belt safely seated on the alternator pulley, use the same wrench you used to loosen to the bolts to tighten them again. How To Tighten Your Boat Alternator Belt | BoatUS Then you can just adjust the tension with the adjuster screw (again, 12mm bolt). That is the first thing to check. Set the tension properly (approx. Once the drive belt is moved into its desired tension, tighten the adjustment bolt to lock the belt in place. How do you tighten an alternator belt on a Nissan pickup? Alternator Belt Replacement Cost. Each turn 180. Once that happens, you can expect all kinds of symptoms to arise. Don't tighten one bolt completely before moving to the next one. Now you need to tighten the slider bolt and the tensioner lock bolt. F355Bob, Jul 4, 2019. dahveedem said: ↑. Slide the piece of wood between the alternator and the engine, then pull back on the wood, increasing the tension in the drive belt as the alternator slides within the bracket loop. step 1 :Removing the Power Steering Pulley. Once the drive belt is moved into its desired tension, tighten the adjustment bolt to lock the belt in place. 355 - How to adjust alternator belt tension | FerrariChat Slip the new belt around the fan pulley, alternator, and crankshaft. Step 2: Loosening the alternator bolts. Loosen the bottom 12mm nut near the power steering belt pulley. 02 Highlander V6 - belt tightening | Toyota Nation Forum Take the skirt off inside the fender well. With the alternator pried back and the drive belt tight, use your free hand to tighten the alternator bolts in their new position in the slot on the bracket. If you installed a new belt, run the engine for 5 minutes, then readjust the belt to the used belt specification. You should now tighten or slacken the 8mm adjusting bolt, shown here on a removed engine (no way to get the camera in on the car), until the correct tension is felt on the belt. Drive belt is easy, just loose the 3 bolts on the alternator, pry the alternator forward, put the new belt on, pry the alternator back, and tighten the bolts. Step 3: Tighten Fan Belt. Check the belt tension by pushing it in by hand. Then, push the alternator toward the other pulleys, loosening the belt. Check the tension of the belt by pushing inward on the belt with your hand. You'll need a 14mm wrench and long skinny arms. The bolts face outward to the passenger fender; one is 12 mm and the other is 14mm. Rest assured there is NO tension adjustment bolt that would allow you to adjust the belt one quarter turn at . Once the belt is taut, but not stetched, simply tighten the two bolts up again and check that the belt has not lost its tension when you where tightening the belts. Tighten the adjusting nut. Next tighten the 12mm bolt in the front on the alternater (against the radiator) to add tension to the belt. Read full answer Feb 19, 2010 • Lumpskie Joined Jan 10, 2017 Messages 1,770 Location New England, USA Feb 8, 2018 Thread starter #7 Thanks @IanB . - From the top of the engine bay looking down, there is a long screw on the alternator that you turn clockwise or counter clockwise to add/remove tension on the belt. Then re-tighten the pivot bolt, again holding onto the nut with the 12mm. If the P/S pump has a bearing going out it will act as described.starts by making your belt squeal and ends in power steering failure. Anyway, I went with a 1740mm Belt after trying and returning 5 different belts. Make sure you a belt diagram, usually under the hood, before you attempt. So easy a girl can do it. An alternator belt costs $20-$100 and labor costs $30-$200 to replace it. Loosen the nut and bolt, after which you will have to set the alternator against the belt. Bolt b is the tensioner jam bolt, it's a 12mm, loosen it 1 turn also. I went with this belt because it was a tiny bit past half way push on the tensioner to get the belt on the alternator pully. Loosen the upper 12mm nut behind the steering belt pulley. losten the bottom bolt which is a booger until you get the feel of it, then loosen the top and push alternator ttoward the front of the xb to tighten skeezy Boxed Lifestyle Joined Aug 2, 2010 2,292 Posts Drive belt is easy, just loose the 3 bolts on the alternator, pry the alternator forward, put the new belt on, pry the alternator back, and tighten the bolts. Turn the 5/16 adjusting stud until the belt begins to tighten. Raise the vehicle and install the alternator and A/C compressor belt. Regardless of the old position of the shims, when installing a new belt, start with 5 shims inside the outer pulley and 1 outside the pulley. Once the drive belt is moved into its desired tension, tighten the adjustment bolt to lock the belt in place. Step 6 Take a more accurate reading with a belt tensioner gauge. 2. 10+ Year Member. Loosen the alternator bolt. You may have to push the alternator toward the engine block to get the belt around the alternator itself. Place enough force on the pry bar to pull the drive belt until it is tight over the alternator pulley. - On the alternator bracket towards the bottom of the car, there is a big bolt that you loosen. On the drive belt, the alternator will be tightened down to increase vehicle's tension. Power steering belt is much more . Then, torque the adjustment bolt to the manufacturer's specifications. I got new belts put on a few weeks ago, and I'm almost positive they didn't tighten my alternator belt to the correct spec. Use a socket wrench and leave it on the adjusting arm bolt (or nut) if you can, and set the socket for clockwise, in order to quickly re-tighten. You will need to adjust an alternator belt whenever it has been removed from the car. Turn the adjusting bolt (D) to obtain the proper belt tension, then retighten the lock bolt, mounting bolt and lower bracket mounting bolt. Feb 7, 2012. [21] As you tighten the bolts, the alternator will stop tipping forward, which will increase the tension on the belt. Yes, it's connected to the alternator. Unbolt both bolts either side move it till the belt is tight and do both bolts up again. Recheck the belt tension. I have the manual for the motor and it shows that I need to loosen 4 bolts and then rotate the alternator in order to tighten the belt. Tighten down adjustment bolt. Adjust the adjuster so that the hole lines up with the alternator. To tighten the ac belt, you tighten the screw under the car, but tightening the bolt on the alternator only seems to loosen . Once that happens, you can expect all kinds of symptoms to arise. Feb 20, 2007. Then re-tighten A and B to lock it down. Done - no more squealing belt. Remember to chock the front wheels and use axle stands for safety. New boat owner and the alternator belt on my Mercruiser 230 seems loose (about 1" of deflection) and really whines at idle speeds. Bolt c is the adjuster (also a 12mm) turn this clockwise as needed to tighten the belt and then retorque the other 2 bolts. How do you adjust a belt tensioner? The one bolt is very easy to tighten, the other took me, my dad and several sockets and spanners to tighten. If the belt needs to be replaced, proceed to Step 3. 2) You're doing something wrong. If your alternator has failed completely and you need to get a new one, the cost of getting it replaced at a mechanic can be fairly steep. Loosen the bolt in the small block so it doesn't clamp, then tightening the bolt on the bracket should tighten the belts, then tighten the bolt in the small block so it clamps and holds tension. Sep 13, 2007. You just loosen the bolt in your lower photo enough to where the bolt just slips in the slot, and the alternator can pivot. [4] I just replace both my belts on my 02 V6. Insert the pry bar above the alternator pulley. You even need to check the tension in the belt while tightening it. Just remember how they go back on. To adjust the alternator you will have to locate the 2 bolts that hold it. check your belt tension by feel, and if all is good, torque that little guy to a medium-light grunt. In an open area of the belt, grab the edges with your finger & thumb. If you can, use a strong strip of wood or hammer handle if it will fit. It'll squeal, then I tighten C until it stops squealing, plus one turn or so. As you continue to drive your vehicle, the alternator belt gets a little bit more worn each day. It is still a mystery to me how a simple alternator job turned into a belt getting 2-3in longer. To loosen the tension or remove the belt, alternator would cock in the position to ease the tension. Again, three bolts are used to adjust this tensioner. If equipped with a tensioner screw, back off the tensioner screw. Use a large straight screwdriver, pry bar, or other appropriate tool to tension the alternator against the belt. I run it all off the alternator belt. The belt that goes around the alternator, powersteering, and water pump, is squeaking. Then, install the fan belt around the alternator, water pump and crankshaft pulley 6. I eventually solved this problem by removing the power steering dedicated belt. Although the alternator will eventually require replacement, a contributing factor to premature wear and tear is a broken alternator belt. To loosen the belt, move the generator towards the engine by the hammer handle. Slide the new belt around the fan pulley, alternator pulley and the crankshaft pulley.Tighten the belt by turning the adjustment bolt clockwise with the ratchet and socket. A leading cause of this problem is a loose fitting or damaged alternator bracket. Did you use the tensioner to get it good and tight? The alternator belt is often quite cheap, so if you know to replace and tighten it yourself, you can definitely save some money. Check your car's manual to make sure you have looped the belt around all the necessary pulleys. Basically changing the belt is the same for alternator and P/S. Insert the pry bar above the alternator pulley. Then he'll do a check of all the pulleys, and make sure the belt's on correctly. Inspect all of your pulleys also and make sure they are all 'dirt' and 'oil free'. Move the reservoir and loosen the 12mm nuts. When it is correct retighten the bolts. It could be susceptible to wear and tear damage or it may even come loose from the pulley. Once the bolts are tight enough, you should be able to release the wood you were using to pry the alternator away from the motor, leaving the alternator in its new position. wait my wife does it in this video, so lets watch my wife tighten the Alternat. Tighten the bolt until there is about 1/2 inch of slack on the belt. To loosen an NAI tensioner, loosen the locking nut or bolt, then back off the tensioner screw. The information below will be helpful for knowing how to adjust an alternator bracket yourself. Tighten all other bolts then you are done. Dont go mad on it, Adjust it a bit, get back under car and check tension on the belt, then get back out and adjust it some more as necessary. Slightly tight in engine bay but more than enough room to get a spanner / socket in there. One person on the top through the engine compartment, another through the fender well. Install the undercover and lower the vehicle. It could be susceptible to wear and tear damage or it may even come loose from the pulley. Apr 14, 2007. Loosen the screws on the pivot section and pull the belt in. Well I fried one alternator when the belt slipped-apparently they heat up when they are not going fast enough-belt was slipping. Once you've adjusted it properly, tighten the set screw. Use a socket wrench and leave it on the adjusting arm bolt (or nut) if you can, and set the socket for clockwise, in order to quickly re-tighten. You have to find out which belt is loose. If you've got a buddy, you can have them (wo)man the wrenches while you pull up on the alternator to put tension on the belt, and tighten the bolt. Be careful with that adjuster. Measure the deflection of the belt at its longest travel length between pulleys. wow! Then back the adjusting bolt off about a turn, so that the set screw is carrying the weight. Well, here we show you how to STOP that once and for all.GuaranteedHello .
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